Olive Spoon Sweet from Pelion
Olive Spoon Sweet from Pelion

Olive Spoon Sweet from Pelion

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Preserved fruits, or Glyka Tou Koutaliou (Spoon Sweets), are the most iconic treat in Greek culture. Believe it or not, olives are technically a fruit and when preserved in a syrup of sugar and lemon juice (instead of salty brine) they transform into an extraordinary spoon sweet with a firm bite and a subtle, balanced taste that has turned many non-believers into converts! Like all spoon sweets, enjoy with Greek yogurt, soft white cheese (think ricotta, cottage, goat cheese), or on its own to balance a cup of strong coffee. 

  • 100% natural, without any preservatives or additives
  • Made by a small family business using their own traditional recipe
  • Made with handpicked olives from local groves
  • A guilt free, delicious dessert without fat, gluten, or dairy
  • Ingredients: olives 55%, water, sugar, lemon juice
  • 450g (15.8oz) glass jar