Breadsticks with Carob
Breadsticks with Carob

Breadsticks with Carob

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Tsanos breadsticks come in a rainbow of flavors and textures and they are irresistibly crunchy and moreish. Carob breadsticks are the newest addition in the Tsanos brand. Naturally sweet and caffeine free, carob is often used as a cocoa substitute and carob breadsticks have a unique, toasty flavor. Tsanos breadsticks are made with all natural ingredients and are perfect to enjoy as a snack, next to a creamy dip, or on a cheese and charcuterie platter. 

  • Made with Greek extra virgin olive oil 
  • Free of GMOs, added sugars, trans fats, artificial colors, and preservatives
  • All natural food
  • Vegan
  • May contain traces of nuts
  • Ingredients: wheat flour, carob flour (30%), Greek olive oil 15%, carob syrup, sourdough, water, yeast, salt. 
  • 120g (4.2oz) package