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Anthos supports METAvivor this October

This October, in honor of breast cancer awareness, Anthos is supporting an organization that is very close to our hearts: METAvivor

METAvivor is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for women and men with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and funding research to transition MBC from a terminal illness to a controlled, chronic condition.

Metastasis happens when cancer spreads to non-adjacent body parts and while only 6-10% of breast cancers are diagnosed as metastatic initially, 30% of patients with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually face a metastasis diagnosis. Only in the US 40.000 lives are lost each year due to metastatic breast cancer and sadly, most breast cancer fundraising movements give only 2-5% of research funds towards metastasis research.

We want you to help us change that. Anthos will donate 5% of our October sales profits to METAvivor knowing that 100% of our donation will go directly into metastatic cancer research. Visit the METAvivor website to learn more about their rigorous research-funding programs and how to support their effort. Let's raise awareness, funds and hope together! 

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