Our Suppliers

Good food starts with good farming and manufacturing practices. It is important for us to work with suppliers who respect the environment and honor the tradition of their craft. It's also important, as a consumer, to know where your food comes from, how it was grown or made, and who are the people who harvest and prepare it. 


In the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful grounds of southern Laconia, one finds the varieties of Koroneiki and Athinolia olive trees; trees as ancient as king Leonidas. In this rich soil and unique microclimate, surrounded by the Aegean sea, these famous varieties produce the finest extra virgin olive oil.

Our local supplier is KASELL SA, an award-winning co-op based in the Monemvasia region that produces excellent EVOO sourced from local crops. Their extraction starts the day of the harvest to ensure the finest quality of fruit. The extra virgin olive oil is produced under strictly cold extraction and kept under controlled temperature conditions following strict quality protocols. The olive mills are located just 6 miles from their state-of-the-art standardization facilities. KASELL’s respect to tradition and use of modern standardization methods results in an EVOO of excellent quality, with mild fruity taste, golden green color and particularly low acidity, below 0.4%.


Honey is nature's sweetener and has been enjoyed by humankind for thousands of years. It's rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and polyphenols that counterbalance its natural sugars and it has healing and antibiotic properties. Sadly, honey is adulterated and extremely processed in most of its commercial forms in the US. It’s mixed with sugar, or corn syrup and depleted of its antioxidant nutrients through heating and pasteurization, in order to prevent the natural process of crystallization. Hence, most US consumers have not experienced how pure, raw honey really tastes!

Hailing from a small, historic village at the foot of Mt Psiloritis in Crete, the Fragiadakis family have been beekeepers for generations. Costas Fragiadakis was taught the secrets of beekeeping from his grandfather and now he's teaching his own children how to respect and care for the bees, these tiny insects whose contribution to a healthy ecosystem is of such vital importance. Their honey is sustainably harvested in the bio-diverse mountains of Crete, a dense habitat of aromatic flora, like wild thyme, sage and pine. Their nomad apicultures produce a honey of unparalleled flavor and nutritional value, which is bottled without any additives and under strict quality regulations.



A dessert pastry with a tradition as rich as its taste, baklava is a feast of the senses and a marriage of cultures. Its origins are disputed between Byzantium, Mongolia and, of course, the Ottoman world. Regardless of its genealogy, baklava is a cosmopolitan pastry whose variations can be found all around the Mediterranean and beyond. 

There are those who consider baklava too heavy, or cloyingly sweet. Clearly, they haven’t tried the delicacies of the Kolionasios family, makers of Athena Sweet Athena, a brand of baklava that has won hearts and awards inside and outside of Greece. Based in Ioannina, a beautiful town in Northwestern Greece with a special tradition in baklava making, the Kolionasios have owned an atelier dedicated to baklava for decades. In the 90's the family started researching and experimenting with new flavors and ingredients, different kinds of syrups and baking times, to create exciting and elegant baklava flavors that expanded the scope of their small town atelier. The Kolionasios are now a leading brand in baklava making in Greece, but they still use pure ingredients, time-honored methods and their flair for unexpected combinations to create handmade baklavas fit for foodies, traditionalists and nutrition-conscious consumers alike.


We chose to represent the Greek brand Chrysso Milo (Golden Apple), a family business based in the Mt Pelion region - the land of the mythological Centaurs - because they have been producing outstanding jams and preserved fruit since 1978. The area boasts of its wonderful apples and its amazing spoon sweets, but the Georgoulas family pick out the best fresh fruit supply Greece has to offer: citrus and strawberries from the Peloponnese, peaches from Imathia, apricots from Corinth. Following their heirloom recipes for years, they use no pectin, glucose, colorings, flavorings or preservatives, while their jams contain at least 75-85% fruit, allowing the intense taste of fresh fruit to shine without high sugar content or additives.


Every part of Greece has its own regional specialties, but there are some baked treats that you will find in any Greek bakery you step into: they are the absolute staples of our everyday diet. And while there are hundreds of breadsticks, cookies and rusks in the Greek market, we selected the products of Tsanos Bakery because of their commitment to the highest standards of quality, the exploration of new and exciting flavors and the versatility that fits the needs of modern-day consumers who are on the lookout for a healthy, wholesome snack; a nutritious addition to a salad or a meal that follows the standards of a Mediterranean diet.

Tsanos has been growing in the Greek market since 1988, producing high quality Mediterranean bakery goods using only natural ingredients and taking into consideration the dietary needs of modern consumers. Their savory snacks contain no sugar, while all their baked goods are made with 100% EVOO, quality grains, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds, without any artificial flavors or additives. Their new 'super foods' range of breadsticks has received several awards in international competitions, but their more traditional products are just as delicious.