Can I edit my order?

If you need to edit order details email us asap at info@anthosfoods.com mentioning your order number along with any needed changes. 

How soon will my order ship?

Orders are shipped within 2-5 business days. As soon we ship your order you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. We offer free ground shipping for orders over $100, which takes 1 to 5 days for delivery, depending on the shipping address. Expedited shipping at higher cost is also available. 

Do you offer international shipping?

At this time we are only shipping to the domestic US and Canada. We are looking into shipping to more international destinations. Shoot us an email at info@anthosfoods.com if you are interested in international shipping, we may be able to work something out! Please note that orders to Canada may be subject to fees by local custom authorities. 

I received my order, but an item is missing/I got the wrong item.

Please email us asap at info@anthosfoods.com, or call us at +1 412-460-9260. The Anthos Team will look into the issue right away and the missing item will find its way to you!


What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy. For an item to be eligible for return it has to be unopened, sealed and in its original packaging. Please note that sale items cannot be returned for a refund.

How do I return an item?

If you want to return an item, please email us first at info@anthosfoods.com. We will send you a return form for you to fill out and send back with your return package. Use the mail carrier of your choice and ship your return to: Anthos, 202 Parkridge Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15228. Shipping costs are not refunded, unless the item you received was damaged or defective. In that case, please reach out to us at info@anthosfoods.com to give us more details about what was wrong. The damaged item will be shipped again to you for free.


What is the difference between organic and conventional extra virgin olive oil?

They're both amazing, but there are some slight differences. Organic olives are harvested earlier (to make sure they stay healthy), so they're slightly unripe at the time of harvest. In terms of flavor, organic EVOO is more robust, with a sharp aftertaste. In addition, as organic olive groves are scarcer, Phileos Organic does not carry the PGI Laconia, but it's still harvested in a specific region, extracted by specific olive varieties (Athinolia and Koroneiki), produced with the highest respect to the nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil in Laconia.

Is premium EVOO meant to be used in cooking, or just savored fresh, dipping bread or dressing vegetables?

Coming from Greece, we have been raised in a culture where EVOO is ubiquitous, plentiful and used abundantly. In fact, we would never use any other type of olive oil for cooking, or eating in general. Inferior types of olive oil may be used in mass food production, but never in a Greek kitchen, or a respectable Greek restaurant. Good quality EVOO and its generous use is the secret to a lot of popular Greek dishes, that otherwise are pretty simple in terms of ingredients.

What is the best way to store extra virgin olive oil?

EVOO has a long shelf life. It is at its peak for the first couple of years after bottling, but if you keep it away from high temperature and light, it can be enjoyed for a long time. Tin makes for a great container, because it's impermeable to light, and so is dark glass.

What is so special about single origin EVOO?

The extra virgin olive oil we find in most supermarkets is usually the product of massive blending of olive oils that come from all over the place - literally. Sometimes, inferior qualities that wouldn't really fulfill the strict criteria that characterize EVOO, are refined to pass as EVOO. The difference with Phileos is that it's harvested from certified olive groves with a protected geographical indication and hence is consistent in terms of flavor, quality and nutrition. It is extracted as soon as the olives are picked, ensuring their freshness and nutritional value.

The honey I bought is not runny and it's already crystallized. What's wrong with it?

Crystallization is a natural process with pure honey and it's actually a sign of its high purity and quality. Different varieties of honey crystallize at different rates, depending on the natural sugars available in the honeybees' diet and storage conditions (cold temperatures will speed up crystallization). The fact that honey crystallizes is living proof that it's not adulterated, or processed. Pasteurization and addition of glucose syrup prevent crystallization, and completely undermine honey's nutritional value and flavor. If crystallized honey puts you off, fret not! It's easy to fix by putting your honey jar or bottle in a container of hot (not boiling!) water. This will restore its texture without sabotaging flavor or nutrition.

What are rusks and what do I do with them?

Rusks may be the most specialty Greek item we carry. Something between crispbread and unsweetened biscotti, rusks are double baked pieces of bread. They are dense, dry and hard. Don't eat them out of the bag (unless if you're familiar with their texture!), because you may break a tooth! Rusks are very rich in fibre; they are a staple of the Mediterranean diet and they make an excellent accompaniment to salads and other dishes where you need a rich wholegrain to soak up yummy juices. Try rusks in a Greek salad, with rich cheeses, tzatziki and other dips, or make some dakos, the par excellence vehicle for rusks!

Why is my favorite product out of stock for so long?

Importing products from smaller Greek producers as a small business can be tricky. We'd love to put out an order as soon as a product is low in stock, but there are so many factors to be considered! We try to maintain a restocking pace that keeps our retail prices affordable. Let us know if there's a product you're interested in which is out of stock by emailing us at info@anthosfoods.com.


My order is meant to be a gift, but there's no gift option at checkout.

At checkout, please let us know if your order is a gift. There is a 'special note' field at checkout where you can include any relevant instructions. We can add a personalized note, a special greeting card. We also offer a selection of gift boxes if you really feel like spoiling the gift recipient. (See below.)

Talk to me about gift boxes.

Putting together gift boxes and baskets is something we do with care, flair and pride! We have worked out some selections of our most popular items and offer ready-made options for you in several sizes and prices. We love creating boxes and baskets for special occasions. If you would like to make substitutions in our offered boxes and baskets, or you want to choose your own selection of products, that's absolutely fine. You can purchase the box or basket (including decoration and gift wrapping) as well as the products you'd like to include. Keep in mind that some products do not fit in every box or basket so please follow our guidelines, or shoot us an email at info@anthosfoods.com if you have questions about creating your custom gift.