Anthos Kourabiedes
Anthos Kourabiedes

Anthos Kourabiedes

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Made with almond, butter and confectioner's sugar, kourabiedes (kooh-rah-bee-eh-des) are traditionally made and served during the holiday season, but a cookie so tender and so lovely deserves to be enjoyed all year round! Made with premium European butter and Metaxa brandy, our bite sized kourabiedes have a light texture and rich, utterly satisfying flavor!

  • Handmade in our Pittsburgh kitchen, following our Greek family recipe
  • Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, egg yolks, powdered sugar, Metaxa brandy, almonds, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract
  • Contains tree nuts
  • Kourabiedes keep very well stored in an an air-tight container or covered with cling film for at least two weeks