Misko Spaghetti NO6 500G
Misko Spaghetti NO6 500G

Misko Spaghetti NO6 500G

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Misko has led the Greek pasta market since 1927, when two families started manufacturing pasta products in a small shop in Piraeus. Today Misko manufactures pasta for global markets in one of the largest and most modern facilities in Southeastern Europe. Misko pasta retains the quality and integrity that Greeks have loved for decades. 

Spaghetti #6 is the go-to variety for most Greek pasta cooking, from 'makaronia me kima' (spaghetti with meat sauce) to 'makaronia me saltsa' or spaghetti red sauce and they're not easy to find outside Greece. Enjoy them with any sauce, or pair them with saucy meat and poultry dishes, as a long spaghetti with more texture and volume than the finer spaghettii that has become more prevalent recently. 

  • Ingredients: Whole durum wheat semolina and water. May contain traces of soy.
  • Suggested boil time: 9-11'
  • 500g pack