Adamantina House Traditional Sour Trahana
Adamantina House Traditional Sour Trahana

Adamantina House Traditional Sour Trahana

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Trahana is an ancient food of the Eastern Mediterranean, popular throughout Greece. This pebble-sized grain has been traditionally made with wheat semolina, or cracked wheat, mixed with yogurt or milk. It's then dried naturally and sieved, or cut to give it its distinctive shape. Trahana is fast-cooking, protein-rich and super versatile. You can add trahana to stews, soups, cook it risotto-style, or make an easy porridge and serve with feta cheese or yogurt. Traditional Greek comfort food!

  • Sour trahana is made with fermented milk, or yogurt
  • Made in Glykovrisi, Laconia following a time-honored recipe, using fresh ingredients, without preservatives. 
  • Ingredients: flour, wheat semolina, water, fresh eggs, milk, yeast, salt
  • Nutrition Facts per 90g serving: total fat 3.4g, sodium 400mg, total carbohydrate 63g, protein 11.43g.
  • 17.64 oz plastic bag
  • Cooking instructions: cook on the stove using a 1 to 3 ratio of trahana to liquid (water, broth, tomato, etc). When it starts bubbling, lower the heat and stir frequently because the grain tends to stick to the pot. Trahana will soften and absorb the liquid eventually (~10 minutes), so cook to the desired level of thickness. Serve fast, as it will keep drinking up the liquid! For more ideas read our blog post.