Traditional Quince Jam from Pelion
Traditional Quince Jam from Pelion

Traditional Quince Jam from Pelion

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Sugar and fruit is all it takes to make jam, but that doesn’t mean that all jams are created equal. The quality and the amount of fruit used in jam production makes all the difference. Commercial brands commonly use additives like pectin, glucose, or artificial extracts. Chrysso Milo traditional jams are exceptional because they are 100% natural and contain more than 75% fruit. Quinces have been used in Greek cuisine since ancient times. Their sour taste and tough texture requires cooking, so preserving them truly adds to their flavor. Quince spoon sweet is very common in Greece, but quince jam is more rare, though equally delightful. A great pick for your cheese board!

  • Made with handpicked, fresh quinces from the region of Mount Pelion
  • No pectin, glucose, colorings, artificial extracts or preservatives
  • Produced by a small business using their family recipes since 1978
  • More fruit means less sugar and more intense, fruity taste
  • Ingredients: quince 75%, sugar, lemon juice
  • 300g (10.5 oz) glass jar