The healing spoonful

A spoonful of raw thyme honey sprinkled with good quality cinnamon powder and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice has been our family secret for cold prevention for many generations. Everyday, especially during cold and flu season, before my boys are off for school I offer them this magic spoonful; one of the few rituals that I always make time for on busy mornings. 

It may be an old wives tale, just placebo effect, or the well-researched antioxidant qualities of thyme honey and cinnamon that seem to boost our immunity every winter. Raw honey is a natural antibiotic; a phytonutrient powerhouse that fights inflammation and oxidization. It soothes an irritated throat and fights infections. The quality and provenance of honey play an important role in its nutritional properties. Raw honey maintains the bees' propoline and pollen, as well as the nutrients of the specific flora that honeybees feed on. Thyme in particular is very rich in natural antiseptic compounds and has been found to aid the body's immune response.

Like honey, cinnamon is also an excellent source of antioxidant and antifungal nutrients and studies have shown it can reduce inflammation and high cholesterol. Combined, these naturally flavorful ingredients offer an immunity boost that vitamin C rich lemon juice complements nicely. 

If you have a few seconds to spare you can mix the three together in a small cup to create a tasty paste that even picky children will gladly consume, or just add cinnamon and lemon juice on a spoonful of Greek thyme honey for a natural immunity elixir that Greek moms swear on!


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